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What God is by Nature, Mary is by Grace; The Greatness of the Blessed Virgin as Revealed to Luisa Piccarreta

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St. Padre Pio on Luisa Piccarreta:  The world will be astounded at her greatness!”

She received direct revelations on the Divine Will and how to perfectly fulfill, and actually live, the petition of the Lord's Prayer: "Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." 




      Luisa Piccarreta (1865-1947) was an important mystic with a startling message for our times.  Her only nourishment during most of her long life was the Holy Eucharist.  She kept a Diary of her spiritual experiences that grew to thirty-six volumes.  The essence of her revelations concerns the fulfillment of this petition of the Lord's Prayer: "Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven."  Her revelations and visions teach the way of personal sanctity and of life in the Divine Will, to prepare for a coming Era of Peace.  In addition, she was a victim soul, who suffered for the salvation of others, for the reparation of sins, for souls in purgatory, and to mitigate God’s chastisements of the world. 

     Her extraordinary Confessor was St. Annibale Di Francia, who bestowed the Nihil Obstat on the first nineteen volumes of her Diary, before his death. When St. Annibale read some of her revelations to Pope St. Pius X, the pope interrupted him, saying he should be reading these words to him while on his knees, since it is Jesus who is speaking.  Her contemporary, St. Padre Pio, is reported to have said that the world will be astonished at her greatness.

     The Church has initiated her Cause for beatification and canonization, permitting her to be titled Servant of God.

Important Note:

My books present an overview in my own words of Luisa's writings, they are neither a collection of excerpts nor a translation.  The Archbishop responsible for her Cause for Canonization has issued a "moratorium" only on the further publication of translations of her actual writings, until the release of the official translation. He encourages Luisa Piccarreta prayer groups, and spreading the knowledge of her life and works.




NOW READY!  - the third book on the Life of the Mystic Luisa Piccarreta - Journeys in the Divine Will, the Middle Years, Part-B,
which presents an overview of her revelations on the Divine Will contained in volumes 19, 20, and 21 of her "Book of Heaven."

The Middle Years, Part-B

Life of the Mystic Luisa Piccarreta: Journeys in the Divine Will - The Middle Years - Part-B

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The second book:

The Middle Years, Part-A

This  book is an overview of volumes 13 thru 18 of Luisa's "Book of Heaven."

by Frank Rega


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Chastisements, Purges, Destruction - and a Remedy

The first book of this series on her mystical life:

The Early Years

An overview of volumes 1 thru 12 of her 36-volume Diary, the "Book of Heaven."

From a reviewer on Canada web site:

"Great book, beautifully put together, a must read for people of the faith. It gives deeper meaning to the scriptures and will provide you answers that you are searching for. The sweetest book I have ever read."


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You may have seen on the web a site asking: The Divine Will, is it Catholic? That site alleges that the gift of living in the Divine Will is meant to replace Baptism.  This is the opposite of the truth.  No one can live in the Divine Will unless they have been baptized. With Original Sin man lost the capability of living in the Divine Will, since he sinned against the Will of God.  An unbaptized person is still subject to Original Sin, and the Divine Will is unable to dwell in his soul since the Will of God and sin are incompatible.  Therefore a person must be baptized to even be capable of receiving the gift of the Divine Will.   


Nov 1, 2012: His Eminence Archbishop Pichierri, who is responsible for Luisa Piccarreta's cause, rejects the claim that there are doctrinal errors in her writings.  Further, not only is it not prohibited to spread the knowledge of her life and of her writings, but it is desireable to do so.

July 24, 2010: THE SECOND THEOLOGIAN ASSIGNED TO EVALUATE THE WRITINGS OF LUISA PICCARRETA BY THE VATICAN CONGREGATION FOR THE CAUSES OF THE SAINTS HAS GIVEN A POSITIVE, THAT IS,  FAVORABLE JUDGMENT. This means that both of the official censors librorum for the cause of Luisa have found nothing contrary to the faith in her writings, and her cause can now go forward.  

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Read author Michael Brown's excellent review of the "Early Years" book on his Spirit Daily website.

Here are a some other "Early Years" testimonies from readers.  There are more on the page for the book.

"That was perhaps one of the best writings on Luisa's life that I have ever read.  You are blessed with a real gift of writing . . .when your book is completed, I will highly recommend it."  Robert Lozano, Editor of "The Divine Will Newsletter."

"This book by Frank Rega has changed my life. Luisa's relationship with Jesus goes beyond our human understanding. She brings a whole new dimension to having a personal relationship with Jesus.  Reading her life has given me the inspiration to draw closer to Jesus and to do His Divine Will here on earth as it is done in Heaven. Praying the Our Father now has taken on a whole new meaning for me. I pray I can begin to do His Will as He desires."  Pamela Walden, Fayetteville, GA.

". . a clear description . . . of Luisa's  controversial writings,  for those who have never read her voluminous work -- and I am one.   Easy to read and understand by the busiest reader of things Catholic, while we await the outcome of Luisa's Cause for Beatification. . . . a fine job of taking readers along her spiritual journey smoothly and quickly, giving them the opportunity to explore the essence of her daunting 36 volumes without having to read them all; much like a simple prayer book that can be carried on the subway or bus to work. "  Jeanette Salerno, novelist and Catholic writer,

"I can tell you it is a masterpiece and you have accomplished what you sought out to do in that people who read your book will gain an interest in Luisa and especially in living in the Will of God." Jacob M. Talaga, LT, U.S. Navy (Retired). 

Here is the link to an important new article on Luisa from the Mystics of the Church website:

Luisa Piccarreta - A virtually unknown Italian mystic who had sublime revelations on the Divine Will

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Luisa Piccarreta is one of the greatest mystics in the history of the Church.
Only one thought occupies her – to live in His Will

 Padre Pio sent many people to Luisa Piccarreta and would say to the people of Corato who went to San Giovanni Rotondo:
"What have you come here for? You have Luisa, go to her".

Luisa Piccarreta (1865-1947) lived almost exclusively on the Holy Eucharist for about 60 years.  During her revelations on the Divine Will, Christ also revealed to her many details of what His Humanity did while on earth, and also the acts of His Divinity within His Humanity. All authorized theologians appointed by the Church during the past century to evaluate her writings have declared that there is nothing contrary to Catholic teaching in her works. 

Although none of the original works of Luisa Piccarreta were ever censured by the Church, at one time some versions of her writings, edited by others, were placed on the Index.  This did not include any of her Diaries.  When her Cause for Beatification and Canonization was officially proposed, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, nullified the condemnations of the Index, thereby removing the impediment to her Cause.  Thus on the Feast of Christ the King, Sunday November 20, 1994, the process for the Cause of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, was finally opened.

My impression from reading articles by those few who have difficulty with her revelations, is that they usually rely on secondary sources for their information, refer to collections of isolated excerpts of her writings, and have not read the original Italian.  Regarding such objections, Luisa reports on January 8, 1900 that the Lord told her: "however, I assure you that they will not find even the shadow of vice or anything that is not virtuous, because while you are writing, I myself am guiding your hand; at the most they will find what appears at first to look like an error, but upon looking into it closer, they will find that it is truthful".   

From my experience, those who actually start to read her books for themselves, become touched by their transcendent spirituality and convinced of their authenticity and value.

EWTN has a balanced commentary about Luisa, written by Colin Donovan:

VIDEO of the current Archbishop from Luisa's Diocese, where he explains the great importance of her work. Archbishop Giovan Battista Pichieri talks about Luisa Piccarreta

Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi:


Matthew 12:50:   "For whosoever shall do the will of My Father, that is in heaven, he is My brother, and sister, and mother."

Padre Pio and Luisa 

Luisa on the Perpetual Virginity of Mary


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Frank Rega is the author of:  Padre Pio and America,
St. Francis of Assisi and the Conversion of the Muslims,

The Greatest Catholic President: Garcia Moreno of Ecuador
  Life of the Mystic Luisa Piccarreta - Journeys in the Divine Will 
vols. 1 and 2
Life of the Mystic Luisa Piccarreta - volume 3 now ready
 The Truth about Padre Pio's Stigmata and Other Wonders of the Saint
Vatican II, Evolution, and Medjugorje: Hubris, Heresy, and Mystery


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